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Frequently asked questions

I am interested in your digital marketing services, but I don't need all of them - Can you tailor them to just a few things that I need?

Definitely. The first thing we do is a free consultation to see where you are currently with your business, what are you looking for, and what solutions Zindiggy can propose to help meet your marketing & sales needs. If your goals don't require a new website, that's fine. Just need a Facebook page & PPC ads? Not a problem. If you decide at a later time that you want to spruce up your branding & get a new logo & design for your marketing, we have dedicated design staff to help in that arena when you're ready. We can develop a strategy & give you the JUST tools you need to reach your goals.

What are Zindiggy's fees?

Our pricing structure consists of a few different things:

  • Basic Set-Up fees (for things like sales funnels & websites, automated email/SMS/ phone calls, graphic design work, Google ads, Facebook campaigns, etc.)
  • Advertising Costs (which goes directly to sites like Google, Facebook or Bing who would run your ads). These costs vary according to your target, your goals, and cost per click, and are determined by those sites.
  • Maintenance & Optimization of your lead generator of your marketing tools & campaigns also depends on the client's needs & the scale of work, and the pay-per-lead cost.
For a BASIC SET-UP RATE LIST, please contact us! For all other fees, you can schedule your FREE consultation so that we can come up with a strategy that works for you, and then we'll come up with a quote based on the results.

How soon until I see results?

Basic set up of your lead generators (ad campaings, sales funnel, lead nurturing communications, etc) takes about 1-2 weeks to complete. Then after that it usually just takes 5-14 days to see the results, and for those customers to start calling! Keep in mind that Zindiggy's system, ads & tools help attract & nurture leads; closing the sale is up to you! One thing that we do at Zindiggy is we develop a series of criteria & benchmarks from the get-go, so that we can all see the results & success of the digital marketing efforts, and as a client, you'll have access to our exclusive Zindiggy Portal so you can see progress in real-time.